About me

I'm a Digital Product Designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I've worked in various in‐house roles over the past six years, mainly as a designer, but I've also been a Head of Product and a Front‐end Developer.

I have a passion for design systems, accessibility, research and user testing.

Work aside, I have an educational background in philosophy; I love traveling, hiking, camping, guitars, gaming and chess. I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland, where I live with my partner.


"Andrew is the type of designer that every team should have."

"He is always able to deliver beautiful, considered work. His empathy, understanding and knowledge have also proved exceptionally valuable in conducting user research. He is able to uncover insights which make a huge difference to the shape of the final product."

Testimonial 1

Martin Keane

Product Owner @ Labster

"As a designer, I cannot recommend him enough. As an individual, he is professional and a pleasure to be around."

"Andrew was our Designer and Front‐end Developer, later rising to our Head of Product role. In a startup, roles can often become all‐encompassing, and his willingness and ability to contribute to multiple aspects of the business was refreshing."

Testimonial 2

Cameron Graham

Co-Founder & CEO @ StoriiCare

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